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Operating Systems Linux, most used, desktop and server
Windows, desktop only, back before 2018
OpenBSD/other BSD, some server usage, not much (yet)
Languages Rust, Go
Python, Wren, C#, JS/TS
Lua, C, C++
Game Development Bevy, Godot, Unity
Web Development HTML, CSS, JS/TS, Node.js, TailwindCSS
Zola, Svelte, SvelteKit, Leptos
Database Generic SQL, PostgreSQL
System Administration / Server Stuff Proxmox VE, QEMU, LXC
Docker, Portainer
Nginx, Caddy, Traefik
Tools Git, SSH, Nix
LibreOffice, Office 365
Blender, Krita, Kdenlive

Migraines and bad days
    Madness and caffeine
        I welcome you with open arms and a handful of Advil


a lily

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